• N$25.52

    Farm made Sausage Roll Hand Pie – Frozen, with love from Suzette at Bellissima – Otjozondjupa Region

  • N$44.08

    Burger Patties (300g), with love from Pottie at Affie Plaas – Hardap Region

    *Using only the best quality meats, farmed sustainably and uniquely made. All Affie Plaas products contains no pork.
  • N$5.80N$17.40

    Plant Markers, with love from Alan at Namibian Horticulture Solutions – Khomas Region

    *Available in size small or large (43cm)

  • New

    HandCrafted Coffee Caffeine Eye Cream, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream diminishes puffiness and dark circles to revitalise the look of tired eyes. Coffee offer anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce swelling and promote circulation, creating a brighter, more youthful appearance. Vitamins C and E nourish and deliver antioxidant protection to combat environmental stressors for clear, healthy skin.

    Routine: Gently dab around the eye area until absorbed.

    Ingredients: Baobab oil, Beeswax, Coconut oil, Vit E oil, Bentonite Clay, Coffee infused oil & Coffee extract.

  • N$27.84N$29.00

    Farm made meringues – made with real vanilla or chocolate & free-range eggs, mix of blue & beige from Minorca & Aruacana flock, with love from Cara at Farm Bulow – Khomas Region

    * Approx 18 meringues per box

  • N$34.80

    Lentil sprouts, with love from Axel at Kalahari Greens – Omaheke Region

  • -5% Off

    Farm Cooked Game Stroganoff – Frozen meal, with love from Sandri at Michelle se Kombuis – Khomas Region

    Available in small, medium & large portions.

  • N$52.20

    Peanutbutter cookies, with love from Gwynneth at Alidas Bakery – Khomas Region

  • N$160.00

    HandCrafted Himalayan & Rose Salt Scrub, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *Himalayan the purest salt in the world is thought to lower blood pressure, detoxify the body of heavy metals, promote healthier sleep patterns and stabilize the pH within cells.

    Directions: This Botanical oil salt scrub is best when applied before a warm bath. Massage into wet skin all over the body and step into a warm bath for at least 20 minutes. Soak, rest, relax, and dry your skin after the bath. Bring a cool glass of water to the bath with you as detoxification can be powerful.

    Ingredients: • Essential Oils of Neroli • Rose Geranium • Argan • Olive oil • Coconut oil • Himalayan Salt

    **We suggest doing a patch test of this scrub on the inside of your wrist or nape of your neck to check for allergic reactions.

  • New

    HandCrafted Unisex Botanical Perfume Oil 31, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *The story begins with a trail of Bitter orange, Bergamot and just a sniff of Black pepper. The herbaceous notes of Roman Chamomile is subtle, along with Juniper, for a delicate depth. Cedarwood adds a deep and camphoraceous aroma and more wood emanates from fir needle and Sandalwood. Cassia Leaf adds a carnal muskiness. The deep notes continue with Mandarin, Lemon Verbena and the earthiness derived from Lavendar, Oakmoss, Patchouli and Juniper. Further base notes are from Sandalwood and Geranium.

    Character: Animalic. Dark. Warm. Wood.

    Our natural botanical perfumes are made using extracts of plants, plant tinctures and flowers in a base of oil, just as the ancients did.

    The Ritual: Apply with finger to pulse points, wrists, nape of the neck and behind the ears.

    Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

    Disclaimer: For external use only. Please carry out a patch test before use. Some essential oils should not be used during pregnancy. Seek advice.

  • N$75.40

    Chicken Wings ± 900g, with love from Marizane at Laksman Farming – Omaheke Region

    *Chicken that is hormone and brine free! Products may be delivered frozen

  • N$37.12

    Homemade Peanut butter Cream, with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    *This yummy cream is so versatile and can be lathered over your steak, spread over your favorite bread or drizzled as a dressing over a salad! Ingredients: Onion, garlic, chilli, cumin, coconut cream and peanut butter all in one bite.

  • N$27.84

    Fresh Tomatoes, with love from Jocelyn at Namton Manor Farm – Khomas Region

    *Farm Tip: Perfect raw, cooked or juiced and nature’s sunscreen! (make sure to eat with everything)

  • N$52.00

    Crispy and syrupy on the outside, soft on the inside Koeksisters with love from Susan – Khomas Region

    *Farm Tip: A koeksister a day will keep the sorrows away, enjoyed with a cup of tea (or just because).

  • N$160.00

    HandCrafted Baby Balm, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *Our nourishing, extra-rich Baby Balm is the ultimate in hydration, with botanical ingredients to comfort even the most sensitive skin. Gently calm and protect delicate or sensitive skin on any part of the body, particularly good as a nappy cream. Feel free to use it from top to bottom. Slather as needed & seal it with a kiss.

    Ingredients:  Shea Butter • Beeswax • Coconut oil • Essential Oil of Bergamot • Lavender • Neroli • Eucalyptus • Orange • Cedarwood • Lavender Flowers

    **NOTE: Essential oils should not be used on babies younger than 3 months old. We suggest doing a patch test of this balm on the inside of your wrist or nape of your neck to check for allergic reactions. This is an anhydrous (oil-based) product which does not contain a preservative. Be careful not to contaminate it with water or microbes from hand contact. If contamination of the product is suspected, dispose of it immediately. Essential oils are generally not recommended for infants, children, or pregnant/ breastfeeding women.

  • N$240.00

    HandCrafted Morning Dew Cleanser, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *Calming, soothing, antibacterial and stimulating for circulation, Morning Dew wakes up your face and has an uplifting “anti-depressant” quality. Recommended for normal & combination skin types.

    Directions: Wet face and massage cleanser into face and neck, rinse with cool water. Pat dry. Follow with toner and hydrating oil. Shake before each use.

    Ingredients: •Tea Tree Hydrosol • Olive oil • Boabab oil • Coconut oil• Lemon Balm • Essential Oil of Bergamot • Lavender • Neroli • Geranium