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  • N$250.00

    Handcrafted Savory Delight Gift, with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    The simple sweet joy of handcrafted sauces, spreads & savory cookies should definitely be art of your festive bucket list! This beautifully packaged gift box, with individually packed parcels & jars will be perfect for the festive dinner table, cheese platters & picnic baskets!

    Box includes: Sweet Mustard, Marinated olives, feta & tomato, Kimchi, Pickled onions, Spice Delight, Seed crackers & Cheese puffs

  • N$33.64N$157.76

    Homemade Mutton Pie – Frozen meal, with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    * Available in 110g single serving or 550g family serving

  • N$69.69

    Rhubarb, with love from Axel at Kalahari Greens – Omaheke Region

    *Farm Tip: This is the good stuff, rhubarb jam or rhubarb crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (will convert any apple crumble lover)

  • N$75.40

    Farm made coriander pesto, with love from Sia at Omenye Farm – Khomas Region

  • N$39.44

    Homemade Mediterranean Spice Delight , with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    *A versatile spice that can be used on meat, fish or vegetable dish, excellent sprinkled over eggs, salads or popcorn! Ingredients: Course Salt, thyme, sumac & sesame seeds (So good you will want to lick it out of your palm!)

  • N$160.00

    HandCrafted Detox Soaking Salts -Lavender + Eucalyptus + Buchu, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *Made with naturally cleansing and detoxifying Bentonite Clay, this blend infuses bath water with vitamins and minerals. Naturally scented with Eucalyptus and Lavender for a cleansing, refreshing aromatherapeutic soaking experience.

    Ingredients: Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Bentonite Clay, Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Essential Oil + Leaf Powder, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Essential Oil + Flower powder + Buchu Powder & Buchu infused oil.

  • N$58.00

    Game Jagdwurst, with love from Angelique and Werner at W A Farm Fresh Products  – Khomas Region

    *Game products are mainly Oryx, Kudu, Eland & Hartebees. Using only sustainably sourced quality meat and made using traditional hand made techniques.
  • N$55.68N$67.28

    Farm baked assorted Rusks, with love from Suzette at Bellissima – Otjozondjupa Region

    *Available in 500g packs of Buttermilk, Aniseed & Wholewheat+Seeds

  • N$63.80

    Rabbit Meat Cuts, includes x2 Leg and x2 Shoulder portions with love from Johan at Triangle Rabbitry Farm – Khomas Region

    *Lean, nutritious, and environment friendly! Rabbit Meat is not only full of good nutrients but also boasts a low environmental impact through sustainable farming practices, making it a great alternative to other kinds of meat.
  • N$160.00

    HandCrafted Baby Balm, with love from Marcii at Wonderveld Apothecary – Khomas Region

    *Our nourishing, extra-rich Baby Balm is the ultimate in hydration, with botanical ingredients to comfort even the most sensitive skin. Gently calm and protect delicate or sensitive skin on any part of the body, particularly good as a nappy cream. Feel free to use it from top to bottom. Slather as needed & seal it with a kiss.

    Ingredients:  Shea Butter • Beeswax • Coconut oil • Essential Oil of Bergamot • Lavender • Neroli • Eucalyptus • Orange • Cedarwood • Lavender Flowers

    **NOTE: Essential oils should not be used on babies younger than 3 months old. We suggest doing a patch test of this balm on the inside of your wrist or nape of your neck to check for allergic reactions. This is an anhydrous (oil-based) product which does not contain a preservative. Be careful not to contaminate it with water or microbes from hand contact. If contamination of the product is suspected, dispose of it immediately. Essential oils are generally not recommended for infants, children, or pregnant/ breastfeeding women.

  • N$510.75

    Handcrafted Gin Infusion Library, set includes flavorful botanicals and aromatic spices, made with love from Wynand at De Snijplank – Khomas Region

  • N$45.24

    Homemade Spekboom & Apple Jam, with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    *Perfectly balanced sweet and sour jam!

  • N$208.80

    Whole Duck perfect for roasting – (frozen) with love from Axel at Kalahari Greens – Omahekhe Region

  • N$54.52

    Homemade Kimchi, with love from Tania & Ansie at Love It – Khomas Region

    * Made with cabbage, carrot, greenpepper, garlic vinegar & chilli, this fermented side dish is a great accompaniment to any meat, rice or noodle dish!

  • N$29.00

    Cottage cheese from pasture-raised cow’s milk, with love from Riana at Farm Suiderkruis- Khomas Region

    *Farm Tip: Creamy cottage cheese on toast with lots of honey is a delicious way to start your day, or opt for cottage cheese scramble eggs, its also perfect for a light dip with crunchy veggies or salty chips.

  • N$34.80

    Mixed Herbs, with love from Axel at Kalahari Greens – Omaheke Region

    *May include; mint, majoram, coriander, thyme, basil & dill depending on harvest.