Orders close every Friday @ 12:00 for delivery/collection on Tuesday. Out of Whk deliveries are on Wednesdays.

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If we had it our way, we’d do away with
packaging altogether, however to get our products to you
in perfect condition we need to protect it. We have spent a
lot of time, over many cups of coffee, working out the best
way to send out our lovely products to you that’s easy for
you to use and not harmful to the environment. We are
always working hard to reduce our packaging and source
sustainable alternatives to fit in with our brand and place
the emphasise on our farm fresh and handcrafted products.

Swap your packaging for a discount

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+ After you have received an order, take care of
your box, plastic containers or egg trays and store it in a safe clean space. You can keep the kraft paper bag (which is also a lekker shopping/gift bag) and your Thank you Seed packet (send us some photos of your sprouts!)
+ On your next delivery or collection, drop a piece of paper with your name & surname (or your previous label) in your box or bag with any containers & trays and swap it for your new package.
+ If we are able to re-use your box (i.e. it is clean and in tact) we will give you N$15 off on your next order! to say THANK YOU for being part of our sustainable culture.
+ You will receive a store gift voucher via email per order packaging returned.
+ The offer is only redeemable when swapping a package for a new one and meets our re-use requirements.

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