It is really not about us, it is so much more. It’s being part of our community, enjoying it with our family and friends and most importantly taking our hats off to our hard working farmers and local producers, who keeps on giving, through droughts, recessions and pandemics.
This is for you.

From Family Farms

At the moment we are working
with 15 family farms based
around Khomas and as we
expand our reach and service to
other regions we hope to have
farmers from all over Namibia
on board and be able to serve
every community.

For us, true sustainability includes
building sustainable communities.
With an economic benefit to the
community, Providing value for
money for our customers and a
fair income for our farmers and

By supporting Namibian Farmers
Online your money is going back
into the community. It is helping
us ensure a secure future for
farmers and local producers in
our beloved country.

The journey to making things better is a long one and we are just getting started. Here are a few of our proudest moments so far:

Meeting wonderful farmers from all over Namibia


Finding that the feeling is mutual

Recycleable Packaging